Student Activities Fund

Student Activities Fund (SAF) aims to support meaningful student-led activities which will contribute to HSUHK students' whole-person development such as communication skills, leadership abilities, learning capacities, exposure, etc.


  • Activities, with projected deficit budget, organised by the Student Organisations, Groups or Teams under the HSUSU / the University / individual student are eligible.
  • Units receiving the funding support before during its term of service will be accorded a lower priority.
  • To avoid double benefit, an activity receives subsidy / sponsorship from other sources within the University is NOT eligible to apply for SAF.

Application Schedule

SAF - Application Schedule.pdf

Application Procedures

Interested student organisation / student group / individual students, please submit the following documents in person to the Student Affairs Office on or before the application deadline.

  1. Duly completed application form*;
  2. Activity proposal which includes rundown / itinerary, work schedule and contingency plan;
  3. Detailed budget plan; and
  4. Supporting document(s), if any.

*For Clubs and Societies under the HSUSU, requests should first be reviewed and endorsed by the Sub-Organisation Committee of Students' Union (Part IV of the application form) before submitting to the SAO.

Funding Principles

All applications will be scrutinized by a working group with SAO representatives, the SU representative and an academic staff from Student Affairs Committee, funding in the form of subsidy will be given to, including but not limited to the following:

  • Individual students or groups participating in regional or international competition / performance;
  • Study tour / visit or training camp organised by student organisations or on individual basis;
  • Orientation camp organised by Students' Union or Association; and
  • Activities organised by student groups contributing to HSUHK students' whole-person development such as community service, art or cultural performance, cross-cultural integration activities, etc.

Funding Level

  • Funding is in the form of subsidy with amount not exceeding the requested amount, 80% of actual deficit or 80% of the recognised expenditures, whichever the lower, depending on the nature of the event, its scope, its degree of benefits to organisers, participants, the campus and the wider community, funding available and so on.
  • Subsidy will be reduced for late application / late submission of final report. For instance, 10% cut of subsidy for one day late, 20% cut of subsidy for two days late, etc.
  • The applicant is required to return the funding to the University should irregularities are found in the process, such as improper use of University facilities, organisation of unlawful activities, misconduct committed by the applicant / its team, etc.
  • Internship programmes that are part of the course requirement, credit-bearing activities, and expenses on food and beverages will not sponsored. SAO reserves the right not to fund items which are regarded as unnecessary to the running of the activity / programme.

Successful Applications

  • Successful applicant is required to submit the following documents to the SAO within 1 month after completion of the event.
    1. A detailed activity report; and
    2. A detailed financial report (with original receipts / proofs).
  • A valid bank account copy (first page showing the name of student organisation / account holder for individual applicant and the account number) must be submitted for reimbursement purpose.
  • Amount of reimbursement depends on the actual deficit or the subsidy approved, whichever is lower.


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