Awards and Co-curricular Achievements Transcript

In addition to the Transcript of Studies, the College developed Awards and Co-curricular Achievements Transcript (ACT) to encourage students’ all-round development and recognize their achievements. The design of ACT will further support students to create a full record of their participation and achievement in co-curricular learning activities throughout their period of study, reflecting their breadth of knowledge, all-roundedness, personal effectiveness and social engagement. Achievements and activities to be recorded in the ACT will be categorized into three areas, namely

(1) Awards and Scholarships;

(2) Leadership and Service Positions; and

(3) Participation in Co-curricular Activities

*Fee may require for certificated copy

Awards and Scholarships

To showcase students’ remarkable academic and non-academic achievements during their study at the College, scholarships and/or awards administered by the College received by students would be recorded in this section. Record of scholarship / award issued by external organizations is subject to provision of scholarship / award certificate and assessment by the Student Affairs Office (SAO) and/or relevant departments / programme offices of the College. Academic honours, including the Dean’s List and Best Progress Award which would be printed on Transcript of Studies issued by the Registry (REG), would also be recorded on ACT.

Leadership and Service Positions

To advocate the importance of nurturing of student leaders, and to recognize students’ commitment and contribution to the community and the society, leadership and/or service positions taken up by students, both on and off-campus with responsibility last for duration of not less than one year, would be recorded in this category; one-off leadership and/or service responsibility would not be counted. Record of off-campus leadership and/or service position is subject to provision of proof and assessment by the SAO and/or relevant departments/ programme offices of the College.

Participation in Co-curricular Activities

To reflect students’ learning outcomes through participation in various co-curricular activities, students would be allowed to categorize their approved CS-ECA-PA Hours under the iGPS student development framework based on self-assessment.

(i) – Intellectual Competence

Participation in activities which would induce academic interest and furnish academic knowledge of students, enhance students’ critical thinking, and strengthen problem-solving techniques could be categorized under (i) – Intellectual Competence.

(G) - Generic Skills

Students’ generic skills would be strengthened and consolidated through participation in co-curricular activities; while sense of global citizenship and preparation for globalization and internationalization could be developed in inter-cultural learning activities.

(P) - Personal Development

Through proactive participation and engagement in integrated student development programmes, students’ positive attitudes and characters could be developed and polished.

(S) - Social Engagement

By empowering our students through student-initiated and self-directed learning experiences, students' sense of social responsibility could be established and strengthened