PE Courses

Physical Education

A) Objectives

  • i) To develop individual physical competence and knowledge of development for an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • ii) To nurture positive values and attitudes in sports and recreation, by providing a good foundation for lifelong and life-wide learning.
  • iii) To promote social, cooperative and problem solving competencies by providing a quality physical education experience

B) Scope of Service

  • i) PE Sessions
  • Provide PE Sessions for students to fulfill the Physical Activities (PA) requirements. DP students should complete 10 hours of PA within the four-year DP programme as one of the exit requirements.
  • Students may register for a PE session via the e-Campus.
  • ii) Coordinate the School Teams
  • Students are welcome to join the school sports team by attending their selected session.
  • Schedule of training can be found from the information listed on SAO website.
  • iii) Management of sports facilities
  • The following sports facilities are available in the Sports and Amenities Centre at Block B:
    • i) Swimming Pool
    • ii) Multi-purpose Room with table tennis set-up
    • iii) Fitness Centre
    • iv) Dance Room
    • v) Sports Hall (for basketball, volleyball, football or badminton)
    • vi) Music Room

Students are welcome to make use of the facilities to maintain their physical well-being. The opening hours of each facility can be found on the e-Campus.

Physical Activities / Extra-Curricular Activities

Degree Programmes

Students have to complete a total of 10 ECA hours, 10 PA hours and 20 CS hours in the period of study. The required ECA/PA/CS hours for students admitted to the third year of study are reduced by half (i.e. 5 ECA hours, 5 PA hours and 10 CS hours).

PE Unit provide PE Sessions for students to fulfill the Physical Activities (PA) requirements. Students may register in the PE session via the e-Campus.

Timeline on Recording and Release of Activity Hours

Any activities organised by PE Unit before 14 Sep 2018, the PA / ECA hours will be updated on 28 Sep 2018:

Should you have any enquiries, please contact Mr Ho at 3963 5368 or email

Semester PE courses (2017-2018)