VolTrekkers Service-learning Award and Training Scheme

VolTrekkers Service-learning Award is a programme organized by Student Affairs Office (SAO) and supported by Hong Kong Shun Lung Yan Chak Foundation Limited (香港順龍仁澤基金會) aiming at providing solid service-learning experience for HSMC students and fostering them to become global citizens. Students can design and implement their own service plan through this programme under the support and guidance from SAO. Students that achieve the highest degree of impact to society and learning reflection will be eligible to join the overseas service-learning trip organized by SAO.

Award Scheme

Students will form service teams of no more than 5 to initiate and implement local service-learning projects with the seed funding and guidance provided by SAO. The SAO will provide adequate training and consultation to the service teams during the process. After completion of the projects, service teams will be invited to reflect the impact and benefits to the community from their projects and their learning experience through a presentation in front of a panel which will be formed to select the maximum of 4 outstanding service teams based on degree of benefits and impact of service projects and student learning reflection.

2017/18 Schedule


Training Scheme

A total of 15 students will be participating in a service-learning exchange program co-organized with Asia University, Taiwan. The uniqueness of this exchange program are reciprocal visiting and project-based learning. Participants will not only engage in community caring projects, but also itinerary design, service planning and project coordination, working alongside the SAO, local service partners and Taiwan students. By engaging in local and overseas services, students are expected to identify the differences in social situation, government policy and community support between Hong Kong and Taiwan, initiating ideas to help improving the conditions of the underprivileged.

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