HSMC Cultural Groups

To expand students' cultural horizon and cultivate their artistic appreciation and expression, HSMC Cultural Group serves as a platform to generate and strengthen the cohesion of young talents in HSMC. Students of the registered cultural groups will have the opportunities to showcase their talents in College events, represent HSMC in open competitions and build up connection with other tertiary institutions. Through participating in performances and competitions, students will be able to demonstrate their creativity, interact with outstanding performers and enhance their arts awareness and cultural literacy.

By bringing together students of various talents, teachers and alumni in cultural groups, we aim to foster interaction and artistic exchanges, enriching the diversity to the extra-curricular activities in the College.


Internal contributions

  1. To foster the cultural development in HSMC;
  2. To diversify the extra-curricular activities of HSMC;
  3. To enhance the aesthetic experiences of HSMC students;and
  4. To perform in official events of HSMC.

External contributions

  1. To represent HSMC to participate in different award-bearing competitions;
  2. To build up a solid reputation through cultural performances;
  3. To connect with other higher education institutions; and
  4. To foster artistic and cultural exchanges in the neighbourhood community


Student groups that fulfill one of the following requirements would be eligible to apply for the status of cultural groups:

  1. Acting as a competing team, having regular practices with a professional coach or conductor, and representing HSMC in an area of award-bearing competitions; or
  2. Acting as a performing team, having regular practices with a professional coach or conductor, and representing HSMC in different occasions to provide performance as possible.


Student Development & Campus Life Team

Email: sdcl.sao@hsmc.edu.hk

Tel.: 3963 5560