To ensure that students are studying under a safe environment with proper protection coverage, various insurance schemes, named Student Group Personal Accident (GPA) Insurance and Student Travel Insurance Plan, are arranged to cover our students in different circumstances. Students can apply for insurance claims via SAO when the need arises. For details, please click here to refer to the Finance Office's website.

Claims Procedure

To expedite the claim process, the claimant should report claim to Finance Office via Student Affairs Office of the College by completing the Accident Claim Form and the Accident/ Incident Report Form. The forms, together with supporting documents, should be submitted to Student Affairs Office for any claims within 30 days after the date of the accident. Otherwise, the Insurer reserves its right to refuse any claim due to late submission.


All supporting documents (original) must be presented for any claims, such as copy of death certificate or autopsy report indicating the cause of death (applicable for death claim) police report, documentary proof certifying the claimant is suffering from permanent disability, original receipts with diagnosis, other medical reports and original hospital statement and receipt. Please refer to the Finance Office's website for detailed claims procedures and documents required under each section.


Students are advised to decide whether it is essential to purchase ADDITIONAL Personal Accident insurance package before participating in and/or attending any school activities organized/arranged by the insured and/or student organizations during the period of insurance anywhere in worldwide.


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