Short-term School Team

Important Notes to apply for Short-term School Team
  • Application must be made by current registered HSMC students
  • Please submit duly completed application form and full proposal regarding the proposed participation in external competition/ event. Include a budget proposal, if necessary.
  • Recommendation from a teaching staff (serves as an advisor of the team) must be obtained before the submission of the application. A brief recommendation must be completed by the teaching staff in part V of the application form.
  • Application must reach Student Affairs Office in the first semester if the competition/event is to be held in the following second semester, the deadline is on the last day of lessons of the first semester; while application must be made in the second semester if the competition/event is to be held in the first semester of the following academic year, the deadline is on the last day of lessons of the second semester. Exact application deadline would be announced via ecampus.
  • Application will be reviewed and approved by the Director of Student Affairs, taking into consideration the merits and feasibility as illustrated in the proposal.

Application form


General Notes for short-term school team

  1. All the programmes to be launched must have been approved during the application process. Any change has to be reported to the SAO for review before implementation. Any changes of personnel should also be reported to the SAO for information / record

  2. Short-term school teams can apply for a society gmail account via the SAO to facilitate their publicity of activities and communication with outside parties.

  3. Short-term school teams may apply for use of campus venue/facility/equipment for HSMC student related activities, subject to the payment schedule as applied to other HSMC student organizations.

  4. Approved teams are required to submit to SAO a completed work report and financial report on the activities held, 15 days after the end of the term.

  5. In case irregularities are spotted, SAO reserves the right to terminate the programmes, whether in progress or to be held in the future.

Should you have any enquiries, please contact us at 3963 5556.