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Scholarships Administered by HSMC

In 2016/17 Academic Year, HSMC offers the following scholarships to students, in recognition of their outstanding performance in the Academic Year 2015/16. Please click on below links to obtain the detailed information of each scholarship. 

The scholarship list will be updated periodically. 

Please refer to this webpage and announcements posted on eCampus for the most updated version.

Starting from 2016/17 academic year, all scholarships are open for application. If you are interested, please make your application via Scholarship Application System by the designated deadline. More scholarships / awards will be open for applications shortly. Stay tuned!


For Degree Programme Students

Important Notes

1.  All scholarships / awards listed above are applicable to registered students and/ or fresh graduates of HSMC in the 2016/17 Academic Year only.

2.  All scholarships / awards listed above are bound by the guidelines set by the Scholarship Committee. Please click here for details.

3.  The maximum number of scholarships / awards that a student can receive per year is set at two in the 2016/17 Academic Year. Entrance Scholarship, Exchange Scholarship and President’s Award are excluded from this cap level.

4.   All scholarship recipients should have a clean student disciplinary record.

Application Procedures

To apply, please complete and submit the application form, together with all the required documents, via the link at by the designated deadline. 

You have to submit an application for each scholarship / award you wish to apply. 

Changes could be made to your application before the application deadline.  However, no changes would be allowed afterwards and late/incomplete application will not be considered. 

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