Overseas Learning Scholarships/ Awards

Scholarship Title

^ Application Period

* Classification



CMG International Scholarship for Global Internship


Exchange Scholarship


Exchange Scholarship for Students to Gordon College


Fung Yiu King Scholarship (Exchange Scholarship)


Mr and Mrs Xiao Tan Ping Scholarship


The Incorporated Trustees of Ryoden Development Charitable Trust Scholarship


Important Notes:

1. There are two types of application method:

A)  By ApplicationOpen recruitment for students to apply through (MyHSMC) Scholarship Application during the application period. Only successful applicant will be notified by email individually.
B)  By NominationOnly nominated students (by either departments or the College) can apply and Student Affairs Office will notify respective students via email. 
2. The maximum number of scholarships / awards that a student can receive per year is set at most two.  However, some of the scholarships with specialized criteria and approval authority are exempted from the cap level and students may entitle to receive additional scholarships / awards.  Definition of each “classification” is listed below:

A)  Cap   The maximum number of scholarship / award that a student can receive per year is set at TWO.
B)  Exempt  The scholarship / award is excluded from the Cap limitation.
C)  Cap (Entrance) The maximum number of Entrance Scholarship that a student can receive per year is set at ONE. 

3. The above scholarships / awards are applicable to registered students and/ or fresh graduates of HSMC in current academic year.  In case of any dispute, the Scholarship and Awards Committee of HSMC reserves the right of final decision.

4. The above Scholarships / awards is bound by the scholarship guidelines set by the Scholarship Committee. Please refer to
Scholarship Guideline for details.