Scholarship & Awards
Scholarship by HSMC
Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Who are eligible for the scholarships and/ or awards?

In general, all registered HSMC students, including exchange-out students and fresh graduates, are eligible for the consideration of scholarships and awards. For the specific eligibility of each scholarship and award, please refer to the scholarship list.


2.  Do students need to apply for the scholarship(s) and/or award(s)?

Starting from 2016/17 academic year, all the scholarships are open for applications. Students should pay attention to the announcement made by the SAO. Announcements will be made on this website and e-Campus at the beginning of every academic year. 


3.  How long would the scholarship/ award be?

Most of the scholarships are for one year (one-off). There are also renewable entrance scholarships which are tenable for the normal duration of study and renew annually subject to satisfactory academic performance. 


4.  Is there any maximum number of scholarships and/ or awards that a student can receive?

The maximum number of scholarships and/ or awards that a student can receive per year is set at two in the 2015/16 academic year. President's Scholarship, Exchange scholarship and Self-financing Post-secondary Scholarship Scheme are excluded from this cap level. Details can be referred to the fact sheet of each scholarship.


5.  When will the scholarship be disbursed?

Normally the scholarship money will be disbursed to students after the Scholarship and Academic Award Presentation Ceremony. Exact disbursement date will be announced to students separately.


6.  How will the scholarship money be disbursed?

Recipients are required to provide their bank account information to the SAO by the designated deadline. Any late submission, missing or invalid bank account information may cause delay to the disbursement process.


7.  Do the Entrance Scholarship recipients need to settle the tuition fee by themselves?

Yes, the Entrance Scholarship recipients are required to settle the tuition fee on or before the payment due date by themselves. The scholarship money will be disbursed to students afterwards.