Putonghua Shuiping Ceshi (PSC) Test

Putonghua Shuiping Ceshi (PSC) Test


  1. Current HSMC student (Degree Programme)

  2. Current HSMC student (Degree Programme) when sitting for the PSC test.

  3. Took the PSC test organised by Putonghua Education and Assessment Centre of HSMC.

  4. Overall Band Score Second Class–Grade A (二級甲等) or above.


  1. Each student is entitled to ONLY ONE reimbursement of PSC test fee during studying at HSMC.

  2. Application should be submitted to the online system after receiving the certificate from Putonghua Education and Assessment Centre.

Application period

Your application will process after the cut-off date and reimburse. The cut-off dates and reimbursement period are listed below:


Application Procedure

Step 1: [Important] - Add your bank account information via MyHSMC (Student)


1. MyHSMC (Student) -> Payment -> Bank Account -> Enter your Windows password to login


2. Add your bank account information



3. Enter and upload your bank account information (with your name and account number e.g. bank statement, passbook or bank account card).


Step 2: Complete online application form HERE and upload the following documents:


1.       Original PSC Certificate/成績通知書

2.       An official HSMC PSC test registration receipt

3.       Student I.D. Card


Student Finance and Resources Team

Student Affairs Office

Phone: +852 3963 5560 

Office: M603, 6/F, Block M