Reimbursement of Language Test Fee


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Is there any requirement of the proof of the bank account?
  • The proof should show your name and your bank account number on the same page.

For IELTS Reimbursement

  1. I am a Year 4 Degree student, am I eligible to apply for the reimbursement of IELTS test fee?
  • As long as you are current HSMC student, you are eligible to apply for the reimbursement. You may refer to the expiry date of your student status, which is printed on your student ID card, for details.


  1. When will the reimbursement be disbursed?
  • Your application will be processed after the cut-off date and reimburse to your designated bank account. The cut-off dates and reimbursement period are listed below:


  1. If I do not have the official test registration receipt, what documents can I provide?
  • You may provide any document, such as email, PPS record and bank statement, to prove that you have paid for the test.

For PSC Reimbursement

  1. If I lost my official receipt issued by Putonghua Education and Assessment Centre of HSMC for the PSC test, how can I do?
  • Please bring along your student ID card and approach the staff of Putonghua Education and Assessment Centre of HSMC to request the copy of your receipt. Afterwards, please go to the Finance Office to certify the true copy of your receipt copy.