HSMC Bursary Scheme 

Apart from the Government financial assistance schemes, the College offers HSMC bursary Scheme to assist full-time local students with financial difficulties. This scheme is a supplement to the Government financial assistance schemes and is allocated to students on the basis of their financial needs.

Students with financial needs can apply for the HSMC Bursary Scheme annually, subject to the availability of funds. Exact opening and closing dates subject to the timeline of the government financial assistance schemes and would be announced to students via ecampus and HSMC email. Students will have to apply for the fund scheme by submitting a completed application form with the personal statement and certified documents to the Student Affairs Office. The interview may be arranged, as appropriate.

Submission of Completed Application Forms

HSMC Bursary Scheme for 2016/17 is now open for application by all students. To apply, you are advised to go through the enclosed guidelines carefully, complete the application form and submit it, together with certified documents, to the SAO counter at M603, 6/F, Block M by 6pm, 28 December 2016 (Wednesday). Please note that late and incomplete applications will not be processed.


Student Finance and Resources Team
Student Affairs Office

Phone: +852 3963 5560
Office: M603, 6/F, Block M