Sharing by Students

  Vancouver Summer Program, University of British Columbia, Canada

"I am glad to have had so much fun and memorable moments in Vancouver. This programme offered us lessons of political science and international finance. In UBC, the teaching method is far more interactive, enabling students to express their thoughts. Teachers also encouraged us to discuss and think critically. The programme also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, such as hiking, blueberry picking, kayaking etc. I could be able to engage in the different cultures and lifestyle of Canada and learn more about the country. I am also able to meet friends from different countries, such as Mainland China, Mexico, the UK, Dubai, India and the Netherlands. By exchanging our cultural ideas, that helps to broaden my horizons."

2017 International Summer School, Pukyong National University,
South Korea

“I enjoyed the Summer School very much and I have participated in many interesting activities with other students from all over the world. Besides offering Korean lessons, the programme also included different activities for us to learn various aspects of Korean culture. We have learnt Taekwondo, traditional music instruments, Korean dance etc. We also took some field trips, including visiting a national park and the United Nations Memorial Cemetery. This fruitful trip gives rise to many happy memories for me as I have built a close relationship with each of the participants during the programme."


  2017 Advanced English Language and British Culture Programme, Hertford College, University of Oxford, United Kingdom 

“I totally enjoyed the time spent in Oxford. I could hardly enjoy these activities in Hong Kong, such as playing Frisbee on a large piece of green grass together with new friends and punting in the river under a beautiful sunset. I had the opportunity to meet new friends, try new things and experience life in Oxford. Staying in Oxford helps me to get connected with the daily life of the UK. The atmosphere in the UK is awesome. The most important thing is that I could gain a perception of the British culture and improve my English. What a wonderful trip it is!"

The First 100 Days of Trump Presidency, Study Tour in Washington D.C., US

“During the tour to Washington, Aggie, the coordinator of the programme, introduced the main landmarks to us. She led us to the Newseum, where the most impressive historical events we found were wreckages of 911 Terrorist Incident and the Berlin Wall. Afterwards, we visited the National Air and Space Museum to know more about the history of flight and the lives of astronauts on the moon. We also spent time at the East-West Center, the Heritage Foundation and the US-China Business Council. People there were very friendly and willing to share with us. We had some in-depth discussions, which inspired me to think further on global issues Upon the visit, I had more insights on the situation of human rights and trading between the US and China.”

  上海交通大學 2017 年 博物館探索營計劃