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6 Aug - 26 Aug 2017
Hertford College,
Oxford Advanced English Language and British Culture 

A 3-week academic programme with lectures and cultural trips to explore Oxford for students to improve their language skills and knowledge of Britain and British culture.

Detailed information:
Program Fee:  £3,000

Students also pay for: 
1. round-trip airfare
2. personal expenses

Students can apply for
"HSMC International 
and Regional Learning Award", please click 
HERE for more info.

FASP recipients can apply for Enhanced SSE, with a maximum of HK$14,000, depending on the latest level of student finance approved by SFO.

6 Aug - 11 Aug 2017

University of Niigata Prefecture -
International Joint Summer Seminar

Under the common theme of “Differentiation of and
Challenges for Local Industries”, the UNP invites 40 
students to gather at Niigata for one week during the 
summer. The goal is to discuss and propose their ideas
in creating and rediscovering local potentials via
special lectures, field trips, and group works. 

Detailed information:
Program Fee: HKD 0
1. accommodation
2. domestic transportation
3. field trips

Students pay for:
1. round-trip airfare
2. meals
3. insurance
4. personal expenses

 4 Aug - 8 Aug 20172017年港澳大學生「海上絲綢之路」科考夏令營 


Program Fee: HKD 800

Students pay for:
1. meals
2. personal expenses
"Pilot Mainland Experience Scheme" available upon successful completion (maximum $3,000).

FASP recipients can apply for SSEBR, with a maximum of HK$6,500, depending on the latest level of student finance approved by SFO.