Sharing by Students

 Study Tour – Washington, D.C. and American Elections, 2016

“The tour aims to give students a flavor of American Presidential political campaigns and is an eye-opening experience for me. I had the chance to meet with students from Johns Hopkins University and came to know that many youngsters in the US were not really happy with either the Democratic or the Republican Party and hoping to have some other way out. Also, the tour included a visit to the US Congress where I heard a speech from an African American student, telling us how they live under fear and pressure due to conflicts between police and the locals. I realized racism is a phenomenon far more serious than we can imagine through my experience in this trip. I found there is so much knowledge out there that cannot be taught in school. We should explore the world while we have time. ”

International Leadership Experience Program, Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan

“I love this summer abroad programme. It is so amazing to be with a lot of different students from different countries! It is my first time in Taiwan and also the first time that I meet many students from different countries, even communicating with them (so excited!). I think the programme is more meaningful than my expectations. Not only have I learnt knowledge about business, worked on entrepreneurship projects and visited the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, I have also encountered different cultures and even improved my language skills by talking with other international students.”


“I am grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in this summer programme, which includes Putonghua lessons, lectures on Chinese culture such as Beijing opera, Chinese poetry and history of Beijing, as well as field trips to Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, Badaling Great Wall and the Summer Palace etc. For the final week in Beijing, we all had to prepare for a Putonghua mock exam and put what we had learnt in our lessons into practice. Through these well-arranged activities, my understanding of Chinese culture and Putonghua are deepened. And this Programme is now one of my unforgettable memories.”


“I quite enjoy my summer exchange programme at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) which enriches my knowledge. I attend two classes in the University, including Chinese history and business ethics. For class on business ethics, I learned a lot from the professor who besides delivering theorems would throw us questions to think about the dilemmas between moral and economic growth. She pointed out that balancing ethics and authority is important. We need to respect and help the poor. Moreover, while I was at SJTU, I took a ‘she-hua” course which combines photo and painting technique and is a unique course in the University. Although the steps are complicated and require a lot of skills, the end product is full of national characteristics and distinct layering. I feel  exhilarated because I will have my own and special painting from now on.”


“Having joined the Programme this summer, I got a chance to visit Xi’an and Nanjing, the two key historical capitals of ancient China. I visited plenty of museums and heritage sites that improved my understanding of our history and culture. Besides, I got the chance to work in the Shanghai Film Museum as a volunteer which enabled me to understand how a museum operates. Last but not least, participants from Hong Kong are required to work on an exhibition regarding local traditional snacks, giving me an excellent chance to gain experience in preparing an exhibition.”

A Tale of 3 Cities – Macau, Hong Kong and Beijing

“For this study tour, there were students from different origins, such as Macau, America and even Mongolia, allowing a precious opportunity for cultural exchange. We went to Macau, Hong Kong and Beijing and had field trips in Taipa, Stanley and the Great Wall. In addition, we attended lectures on the 3 cities and get to know in depth the history, economy, etc of each city. After joining the study tour, I think I understand my country more than before. As a Chinese, I am supposed to be familiar with my country, regarding its culture or history. However, some American students even know more than I do. As a result, I have decided to spend more time in future to explore the country which I live in.”