Application (for Outbound Exchange Students)
The FINAL round of Application for 2018/19 (Semester 2) is now open with deadline on 23 Apr 2018

Please note:
1. Minimum CGPA attainment: 2.7
2. Only Year 1 and Year 2 students are eligible to apply  
3.1. IELTS test results waived for most partners. Please refer to the attached.
3.2. For those universities which require IELTS test results, applicants should provide valid IELTS/TOEFL test results by 8 June 2018 and you MUST take the IELTS test on or before 26 May 2018.

3.3 Registration for IELTS test really takes time and you are advised to do so NOW to ensure you can sit for the test on your desired date.

Application Procedure:
Step 1: Check the places available at partner institutions
Step 2: Register by completing the google form
Step 3: Submit the below recommendation form completed by a teacher in a sealed envelope to SAO Counter (M603)