National Taipei University visited HSMC

On 22 January 2015, senior management from National Taipei University, including Prof Fu-Jiing Shiue, President; 
Prof Daw-Tung Lin, Dean of Academic Affairs; Prof Ssu-Ming Chang, Dean of Research & Development Affairs; Prof 
Tai-Hsi Wu, Dean of International Affairs and Mr Lin Yu Shan, Senior Secretary visited HSMC to join Prof Simon Ho, 
President; Prof Gilbert Fong, Provost; Prof Scarlet Tso, Associate Vice-President (Communications and Public Affairs); 
Dr Tom Fong, Associate Vice-President (Student Development and Campus Services) and Mr James CHANG, Head 
of Department of Journalism and Communication for discussion to further enhance the current collaboration.

Two Presidents engaged in conversation.

Prof Daw-Tung Lin (right), Prof Ssu-Ming Chang (left) and Prof Tai-Hsi Wu (middle) took great interest in the
facilities in the auditorium.

Group photo of our guests and HSMC representatives