HSMC welcomes a delegation from Gordon College, USA


The delegation from Gordon College visited HSMC on 2nd September 2013 to explore ways in which the two institutions may strategically collaborate. 


Dr Michael Lindsay, President (centre) and Prof Alice Tsang
Director of Global Partnerships (third from left)from Gordon College were welcomed by Prof Gilbert Fong, Acting President (third from right)Dr Karen Chan, Vice President (Organizational Development) (second from left)Prof Raymond So, Dean of School of Business and Chairperson of the Student Exchange Committee (second from right)Ms Linda Ng, Director of Student Affairs (far right) and Ms Mary Ip, Manager of Student Exchange (far left)


Prof Gilbert Fong (left) showed Dr Michael Lindsay the teaching facilities of HSMC in the newly-opened Block D.

In the Trading Laboratory, visitors listened attentively to the introduction by our HSMC student ambassador(centre).


Prof Gilbert Fong and Dr Michael Lindsay (right) visited the BJC TV Studio.


The two institutions discussed ideas for cooperation at the meeting.