Gordon College (USA) Hosts Seminars at the HSMC


Two seminars were hosted at the HSMC by the Gordon College (USA) on 10 March 2014 with two guest speakers, Professor Mee-Kam Ng, Department of Geography Resources Management, Chinese University of Hong Kong and Ms. Sally Hasler, Policy and Networks Manager, the Women’s Foundation. They were invited by the Gordon to conduct talks on the local scene to its alumni and supporters. 

The Gordon delegation, led by Dr. Janel Curry, Provost (second from left, second row); Mrs. Michael Lindsay, Ambassador for the College (third from left, front row); Prof. Alice Tsang, Economics and Business Faculty (third from right, second row) and Dr. Liesl Smith, Director of Administration and Management, Global Education (second from right, front row) were greeted by Prof. Gilbert Fong, Acting President and Provost (center, front row); Dr. Karen Chan, Vice-President (Organizational Development) (third from right, front row); Prof. Thomas Luk, Dean of School of Humanities (far right, front row); Prof. Raymond So, Dean of School of Business (far left, front row); Ms. Linda Ng, Director of Student Affairs (far left, second row); Mr. Cornelius Man, Registrar (far left, back row) and Ms. Mary Ip, Manager, Student Exchange (far right, second row).