BUDDY Programme

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Activity Gallery

Orientation Party

It is the first event where we welcome all the exchange students to their buddies. Buddies helped to become emcee of the day, carry out ice-breaking session and introduce the students some basic study-life culture in HSMC.

Hong Kong Tour

Buddies join in this activity to give a tour around Hong Kong, introducing some interesting places to the exchange students such as The Peak.

Chinese New Year Party

Every year before Chinese New Year, we organize a party to celebrate with the exchange students. We introduce them to Traditional Chinese culture and make rice dumpling  (汤圆) together at the party. Buddies come out with interesting games and the exchange students get to have lucky draws and win prizes.

Cantonese Class

Buddies organize Cantonese language class for the exchange students. Aimed to equip the foreigners some simple knowledge of Cantonese to get around in Hong Kong.

Tea Appreciation

Organized by the School of Social Science, the programme aimed to introduce the tea drinking culture and the deeper meaning behind. Exchange students together with their Buddies join in to appreciate tea drinking.

Global Cafe

A mixture of culture around the world, exchange students and Buddies come together and prepare authentic dishes from their respective countries. Buddies help the exchange students in preparing as well as cooking together to make the cafe a success!