Support for Students with Special Education Needs (SEN)

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Students are advised to register their status as SEN students with the Registry when admitted to HSMC; the Registry would then notify the Student Affairs Office (SAO) to coordinate the services for them. 

The SAO will discuss with individual students with SEN on his/her requests at the beginning of each academic year to determine what accommodations are necessary.  The Office will liaise, on behalf of the students, with Departments concerned regarding services requested if needed.

A) Campus Access

All buildings on campus are accessible via ramps or lifts to facilitate mobility for the students with physical disabilities.  All new buildings on campus are designed to match the provisions for students with mobility difficulties or visually impairment with the latest statutory requirements as far as practically possible.  Students require help may contact the Security Office at 3963 5166 for any immediate assistance.

B) Computer Resources

The College website ( is designed with web accessibility (e.g. all page elements are in sequence, font size can be adjusted without messing the page, high color contrast, etc.).  The design of the website caters the special needs of various community groups and it has received the Gold Award of Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme awarded by the OGCIO in 2014.  Some computer lab PCs on campus have accessibility tools installed for students (e.g. magnifier and high contrast tools for visual impaired, narrator for hearing impaired, etc.)

C) Priority Services

Priority is given to students with disabilities at all service counters in the Library, SAO and in the use of photocopying services.  Library staff at service counters is also ready to assist these students to use of library services, including locating books and borrowing.  Students required further needs may contact staff in the office at any time.

D) Special Examination Arrangements

Special arrangements such as providing enlarged version of question papers, allowing extra time, etc. could be arranged for students with visually impairment.

E) Sports Facilities

Most sports facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities.  Wheelchair users requiring assistance in entry can ask for help from service counters.  Special arrangement will also be made for students with disabilities wishing to participate in sports related activities.

For further information/assistance, please contact us at 3963 5556.