Student Locker

Student Locker Application (for individual students) 2015-16

Student lockers are available at HSMC campus to provide convenient storage space for HSMC students. If you wish to apply for one, please go through the following details and submit an application to the Student Affairs Office.



1.      All HSMC students are eligible to apply for one student locker, subject to availability.

2.      Students staying in the Student Hostel, if wish to, could also apply for one student locker after the 1st round application exercise is completed, as boarders are expected to have sufficient storage space in their Hostel rooms.

Locker information


3.      Lockers available and opened for rental in 2015-16


Size and Location

Locker Numbers

Medium-sized (320Wx435Dx646H) Lockers in Block A 

A-3F-001 to A-3F-240

Medium-sized (320Wx435Dx646H) Lockers in Block B

B-3F-028 to B-3F-207 ; B-3F-226 to B-3F-234

Medium-sized (320Wx435Dx646H) Lockers in Block D

D-GF-001 to D-GF-084 ; D-1M-001 to D-1M-292 ;

D-4F-001 to D-4F-246 ; D-5F-001 to D-5F-090 ;

D-6F-001 to D-6F-090

Small-sized (320Wx435Dx386H) Lockers in Block M


3-001 to 3-180 ; 6-001 to 6-020 ;

8-001 to 8-060 ; 9-001 to 9-120

Medium-sized (320Wx435Dx646H) Lockers in Block N


M-2A-01 to M-2A-18 ; M-3A-01 to M-3A-20 ;

M-3B-01 to M-3B-20 ; M-3C-01 to M-3C-02 ;

Large-sized (320Wx435Dx965H) Lockers in Block N


L-2B-01 to L-2B-12 ; L-3A-01 to L-3A-20 ;

L-3B-01 to L-3B-10 ; 

L-4B-01 to L-4B-20 ; L-4C-05 to  L-4C-20 ;

L-4D-01 to L-4D-04

Application period and duration of usage

4.      Application will be opened from 19 October 2015 (Monday) 10 am to 23 October 2015 (Friday) 12 noon. Interested students please go to for online application.

5.      Applicants are invited to indicate 2 preferences of locker locations and rank them in order of priority. Locker allocation will be assigned by lot drawing.

6.      Late application would only be accepted when there are vacancies left after the 1st round allocation.

7.      Application result will be announced on Ecampus on 28 October 2015 (Wednesday). Students are required to settle rental fee* at the SAO Service Counter (M603) on or before 30 October 2015.  Locker allocation would be made known to applicant upon receiving the rental fee.

8.      No alternation would be allowed once the locker is assigned.

9.      The rental period for 2015-16 is from 1 November 2015 to 31 May 2016. Locker clearance would be conducted in June 2016. Any materials found in the lockers after the rental period ended would be discarded without further notice.


Fee and penalty


10.  Annual rental fees



Locker size




Block A




Block B




Block D




Block M




Block N





11.  Successful applicant should settle the rental fee in person at the SAO Service Counter (M603) during the office hour in accordance to the specified deadline. Payment is accepted by Octopus Card only and fees paid are not refundable.

12.  Any violation of the use of lockers, whenever reported and/or discovered, will result in immediate termination of the use of lockers. Fees paid will not be refunded.


Rules on the use of student lockers


13.  Renters should note and adhere to the following requirements.

    13.1    Transfer of right of using the locker to another person is not allowed.
    13.2    Renter of each locker is hold responsible for the damage / misuse of the locker rented.
    13.3    Renter is required to use padlocks for the lockers in Blocks M, N, B and D.
    13.4    No posting, such as stickers, labels, and/or posters are permitted on the surface of the lockers.
    13.5    Storage of any illegal property (e.g. alcoholic beverages, perishable food, illegal medicines, weapons and explosives) is strictly prohibited.
    13.6    Renter is expected to make good use of the locker and return the locker by the end of the rental period to the College in good condition.
    13.7    Student who, for any reasons leaving the College, should report to the SAO and clear up the locker accordingly.
    13.8    The College shall not be liable for any loss or damage of property inside the lockers rented.




14.  In case of key lost / key damage / locker being occupied by unauthorized users, please contact SAO staff at M603 for assistance.


The College reserves the right to revise the rules on the use of student lockers from time to time.


Student Affairs Office
16 October 2015