The Student Ambassadors Programme aims to identify students who have the passion to explore their unique potentials. Successful candidates will work in an environment where they can develop their abilities and unleash their potentials. 

Through a variety of exposure from different programmes and training, students are given opportunities to nurture the appropriate attitude and master the right skills to lead a fruitful life – to become a good leader of his/her own life.  It can be a lifelong venture but would be the most essential qualities to succeed in life. The Student Affairs Office (SAO) will guide them through team coaching to equip them with the right attitude, the awareness and the soft skills to tackle the challenges ahead and grasp the opportunities.

OFFERS to the Student Ambassadors
  1. Wide range of networking opportunities;
  2. Training and workshops;
  3. Unique opportunities to a variety of valuable experiences. 

  1. Promote & represent the College to external communities through campus tour, reception and any kinds of special events;
  2. Student Ambassadors will be assigned to different tasks which involve planning, organizing and promoting the events organized by the College;
  3. Students should be committed to regular group meetings & training sessions arranged by the SAO.

Interested students are invited to apply for this programme by completing the application form (download by clicking here). Applicants should provide COMPLETE information and have to TYPE by Microsoft Word. 
  • Except for Part E & Annex, ALL Handwritten Application Form will not be accepted.
  • Please use the soft copy version of the form to complete most parts of the application.
** Besides submitting the application form and supporting documents, applicants are required to complete and submit the Google Form:

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: before 6:00pm on 22 September 2015 (Tue)
  • Hardcopy of Application Form + Hardcopy of Supporting Document to be submitted in person at M603, Block M (during office hours); or 
  • Softcopy / Scanned Application Form + Supporting Document *(need to be seen clearly) can be sent via Email to (Attn to: Ms. Nicole YEUNG); and
  • Complete and submit the Google Form:

I. 15th September (Tue), 15:00 - 16:00, D205; 

II. 16th September (Wed), 16:30 - 17:30, D405;

III. 17th September (Thu), 17:00 - 18:00, D403

Want to know more about S.A. Programme? 
Sign up for the briefing session NOW!! >>>

Shortlisted students will be invited for an INTERVIEW to be held on 29th September (Tue) AND 30th September 2015.

ALL successful applicants are required to join a 2 Day & 1 Night S.A. Orientation Camp
* Tentative schedule: 7:00pm 9th October - 8:00pm 10th October 2015
(All Training courses, workshops and the Training Camp will be provided for FREE)

Mr. Soma LAU                                                        Ms. Nicole YEUNG
Tel: 3963-5006                                                       Tel: 3963-5274
Email:                               Email:
Address: Room 603, Block M                                 Address: Room 603, Block M

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