College YMCA®

The first University & College YMCA® was established in 2003 by the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong (CYMCA). Uni-Y/College-Y® is a life building process that empowers, equips and prepares students to be future leaders with global vision and perspective. 

College-Y (HSMC) strives for and nurtures a balanced development in students’ spirit, mind and body, in compliance with the mottos of Hang Seng Management College, in addition to fulfill the mission statement of the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong. 

Our programmes 
  1. Global Vision - Global Y's trainee program, International Camp Counselor Program 
  2. Leadership Training - Leadership camps 
  3. Social Concern - Local services or overseas service tours 
  4. Personal Growth - Personal growth workshops
  5. Christian Action - Spread Christian faith 

News and upcoming events 
Facebook: collegeyhsmc
Instagram: college_y_hsmc

Be our members
1 year$30
3 years$80
4 + 1 years$110

Ms. Adthias Ho (Student Development Officer - College YMCA) 

Rm: M603

Tel: 3963 5519

Office Hour: Mon - Thur 0900-1230, 1330-1745; Fri 0900-1230, 1330-1800