Police Mentorship Programme (PMP) [25.04.2016]

HSMC marks its first year of participating in the Police Mentorship Programme.  16 students ranging from Year 1-3 have been selected to be the Mentees in this one-year Programme. This year we have 7 alumni of the Hang Seng School of Commerce who volunteer to be the Police Mentor. They will act as a role model in leading two to four Mentees and share with them knowledge, experience and challenges in the career of a Police Inspector. The 2016 - 17 Inauguration Ceremony was held at the Police Headquarters on 25 April, guests from PMP management, representatives from 11 participated local tertiary institutes, Police Mentors and Mentees attended the ceremony.

During the networking session, Police Mentors and Mentees met and mingled with each other, sharing their past and current study environment in the same campus.

The Police Mentorship Programme (PMP) was first launched in 2004 as a proactive recruitment strategy to inspire high calibre undergraduates from local tertiary education institutions to join the Force as probationary inspectors immediately after their graduation.

Ms Rebecca Chan, Director of Student Affairs, attended the Inauguration Ceremony