Sports Facilities


(Misuse of student identity cards occurred at the Sports and Amenities Centre may result in disciplinary actions including but not exclusively suspension of the rights to use sports facilities of both the student ID card owner and card user.)


Sports and Amenities Centre located in Block B of the Campus and the sports related facilities mainly located between Ground Floor and Second Floor.




Indoor Swimming Pool
(Indoor swimming pool photo)

25 meter long heated pool with six lanes and maintain around 28°C during Winter Season.


Multi-purpose Room

(Multi-purpose room photo)

Approx. 70 square meters equipped with computer and projection system, which can accommodate 30 persons. It will become table tennis room when no advance booking.


Music Room

(Music Room Photo)

Approx. 15 square metersequipped with keyboard, drum set and basic amplifier system.


Sports Hall

(Sports Hall Photo)

Approx. 650 square meters with bamboo floating sports floor system which marked:

a. one basketball court

b. one volleyball court

c. four badminton courts 


Dance Studio

(Dance Studio Photo)

Approx. 90 square meters equipped with basic AV system.


Fitness Centre

(Fitness centre photo)


Approx. 230 square meters equipped with different aerobic and weight training machine for qualified users.


The outdoor multipurpose playground located in Block M can be used for tennis court, half basketball training court and other designated purpose.


Opening Hours
a)         Sports Hall, Dance studio, Multi-purpose room and Music Room:
i)             Mondays  to Fridays                   : 08:30-22:30
ii)            Saturdays and Sundays                 : 09:00-19:00
b)         Fitness Centre:
i)             Mondays to Fridays                     : 08:30-14:30; 15:30-22:30
ii)            Saturdays and Sundays                 : 09:00-13:00; 14:00-19:00
c)         Swimming Pool :
i)             Mondays  to Fridays                   : 08:30-14:30; 15:30-21:30
ii)            Saturdays and Sundays                 : 09:00-13:00; 14:00-18:00
 d)        Outdoor Multi-purpose Playground:
i.)                  Ball games:                            Mondays to Fridays          : 08:30 – 20:00
ii.)                Other than ball games:       Mondays to Fridays           : 08:30 – 22:00
iii.)              Tennis:                                   Saturdays and Sundays     : 08:30 – 17:30


Changing rooms will be closed 30 minutes after the sports facilities are closed; Sport facilities will be closed on public holidays. Special  working arrangement on the festival days are as below:

Opening hours of the facilities

Festival Day(s)


(even those days are not public holidays)

1.       4 continuous days of Easter Holiday (From Good Friday to Easter Monday)

2.       Christmas and Boxing Day (25th and 26th December)

3.       New Year (1st January)

4.       Lunar New Year (初一至初三)

Closed at 1pm

1.       Christmas Eve

2.       New Year Eve

3.       Lunar New Year Eve

Closed at 4pm

1.       Winter Solstice

2.       Mid-Autumn Festival

The Charges of the facilities as the following:


Student Price

*Original Price

Badminton court (per hour)



Basketball-half court (per hour)



Sports Hall Full court
(For Basketball, Volleyball or Football) (per hour)



Multi-purpose room /
Dance Studio (per hour)



Music Room (per hour)



Table Tennis (per hour per table)



Swimming / Fitness Centre (per session)

(Fitness centre for users who have registered as 

"User of Fitness Rooms" under HSMC only. 

Guest is not allow to use the Fitness Centre)

2 sessions per day:
Mondays - Fridays: 08:30-14:30; 15:30-21:30
Saturdays and Sundays:  09:00-13:00; 14:00-18:00



 (Charges will be reviewed after the trial operation)

Eligible users and entitlements




Family Member

Affiliate (General)



(Foundation Member)

Affiliate (Alumni)

Annual Fee



Eligible time to use

All opening hours

Sat, Sun and College Holidays

Facility charge

Student Price

Original Price

Original Price

(For cards issued before 1/1/2017 please refer to  the cards’ term and condition)

Original Price

Per visit, max no. of Guests accompanied by staff, students or alumni







Entrance fee per accompanied guest* per entry




*Guest (s) need to be accompanied by Eligible Users listed above when staying in the sports facilities.

Useful Link:

1. B座康樂活動中心簡介影片 (需用QUICK TIME播放)

2. Sports and Amenities Centre Facilities Booking System