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HSMC Marathon Team 2018





1.       維多利亞公園(終點旁): 啦啦隊為各恒管跑手加油及打氣 

2.       火龍徑頭(近銅鑼灣運動場): 歡迎恒管跑手

3.       火龍徑尾(近中華游樂會及皇仁書院)- 恒管大本營提供行李寄存,  暖氈雨衣飲品/小食影相區及恒管渣馬衛衣一件

*恒管大本營開放時間: 0430-1130









由即日起至119日到B座康樂活動中心2樓大堂「HSMC馬拉松海報」拍照,並上載相片到 2018渣打馬拉松打氣區即可換領PE UNIT兩用袋一個。


1.     B座康樂活動中心2樓大堂「HSMC馬拉松海報」拍照一張

2.     上載相片到2018渣打馬拉松打氣區

3.     到服務台出示成功上載的頁面, 即可換領兩用袋(30個名額,先到先得,送完即止)

Dear colleagues and students,

The Standard Chartered Marathon 2018 will be held on 21 JAN, 2018. 

Successful applicants are cordially invited to join the HSMC Marathon Team 2018 after the announcement of results for public ballot entry on 21 SEP 2017 at 10:00An HSMC Marathon Team Tee or Vest will be provided for each registered runner.

Show our HSMC team spirit and we hope to see you on the day!

I. Registration

Step 1
The result of the ballot will be notified to all applicants via Event Website and their designated email stated in the application after 21 SEP, 2017.

Check your registration results:

Step 2
Please fill in the Online Team Registration Form: CLICK HERE (HSMC Marathon Team 2018) with the reference number offered by Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon together with personal information from 21 SEP to 10 OCT 2017 after your registration is successful.

II. Benefits

1) HSMC Marathon Team Tee or Vest
2) Training sessions
3) Workshops /Seminars
4) Group Collection for Runners’ Pack
5) Running Award 

a) 10km/Half Marathon

According to the *results released by the Organizer, the top three finishers in each category of HSMC Marathon Team will be rewarded.

Categories: Students, Staff, Alumni

*-We will base on the NET TIME on the official website (not official time)

 - The runner needs to UPLOAD the Supporting Documents by THEMSELVES before 25 JAN 2018. 

b) Full Marathon

A special gift will be given to HSMC Full Marathon finishers.

We hope to see you on the day!!!