Carthage College visited HSMC

Three senior management members from Carthage College, including Prof David Garcia, Provost; Prof Thomas 
Kline, Associate Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Prof Joseph Wall, Assistant Professor of Accounting 
and Finance visited HSMC on 24 November 2014. Carthage and HSMC has entered into a partnership since 2014/15 
and the two institutions are excited about the forthcoming collaborations brought about by the discussion between 
Carthage and HSMC’s representatives, including Prof Gilbert Fong, Provost; Prof Raymond So, Dean of School of 
Business; Prof Irene Chow, Head of Department of Management; Dr Brossa Wong, Head of Department of Accountancy; 
Dr Haksin Chan, Head of Department of Marketing and Dr Andy Cheng, Dept of Economics and Finance.

Meeting at the College Chamber

Souvenirs presented by HSMC to Prof David Garcia (left pic); Prof Thomas Kline (middle pic) and Prof Joseph Wall (right pic).

Group photo of our guests and HSMC representatives