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Personal Development Workshop Promotion

The Chief workshops organized by [Personal Growth and Counseling] including:

  1. Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

·   Mental Health First Aid course is one of the popular courses in Hong Kong universities, eg, HKU, UST, CityU, PolyU, HKBU, CUHK.

·   It can raise the students’ awareness of mental health.  Knowing how to stay psychologically healthy and deal with daily stress can help you to enjoy life and maintain good relationships.

²  Those who complete the course will be issued “Mental Health First Aid Course Certificate”

     This is the certificate in Hong Kong acknowledged by ORYGEN Research Center of the Department of Psychiatry at University of Melbourne.

2. Personality Dimension (PDs)

· Personality Dimension is an interactive personality tool for self-understanding and learning communication skills.  

   It is a good program for students to have intra-personal and inter-personal growth for enhancing their problem solving skills, managing conflicts and 

   improving their social skills.

The overall program design and group activities will highly demonstrated how to address different needs and characteristics of people with various temperaments 

in term of the process of the team dynamic

3. Life and Death Education

Life and Death education aims to help students develop their positive values and attitudes towards life, and know how to deal with their emotions when facing different situations. 

Besides, the workshop should also enhance students' problem solving skills, equip them to learn how to get out of adversities, and guide them to explore and search for the meaning of life 

in order to have a happy, fulfilling and meaningful life. 

²  Those who complete the course will be issued “Meaning of Life Certificate”.  

     This is the certificate issued by the Stewards High Rock Christian Center for recording those precious learning and personal reflection after workshop.