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Function and Description


The establishment of the Growth and Counseling Centre aims at facilitating student growth and development , as well as overcoming the difficulties and problems they encounter in daily life. Through counseling, students can gain better self-understanding, build up confidence, develop potentials and promote physical and psychological wellness. Apart from counseling service, the Growth and Counseling Centre will also provide a wide variety of services, including personal development workshops, character or personality tests , leadership training, community service and so on.


Objectives of Growth and Counseling Centre (S.H.I.N.E.)

  1. Strengthen the Self-Management / Self-Help Ability of students through various means, including case counseling;
  2. Enhance Harmonized Team-Work and Co-Operation between students, as well as among societies and their members;
  3. Enhance Influential Leadership Development of students;
  4. Promote Novelty and Originality of students;
  5. Encourage Ethical mind and Conscien ce , as well as Social Responsibility in students.



The Growth and Counseling Centre provides a wide range of services as follows:

- Counseling
- Consultation 
- Psychological assessments
- Personal Development Workshops
- Adventure-based Training
- Training Activities (including volunteer training) 
- Community Services


Servicing Mode

The Growth and Counseling Centre is located at Room 614 and 612, 6th Floor, the Academic Block. Students may make appointments with the college counselors during office hours.

All services rendered by the Growth and Counseling Centre to current students will be “free of charge”. All counseling information will be kept in strict confidentiality. Intensive cases that have to be referred out and groups or mass programs which are jointly organized by the Growth and Counseling Centre and external organizations will be charged at an affordable price or according to the fees set by external organizations.


Privacy protection

It is the Centre’s policy that our clients’ personal particulars and the information collected in the course of counseling will be kept in strict confidentiality. Without clients’ prior consent, counselors must not disclose the information to a third person unless there is a threat to the lives of clients or other persons. In such cases, counselors may inform clients’ parents and related persons for the sake of assuring personal safety.


You are cordially welcomed to the Growth and Counseling Centre. You’ll bring back a fresh brain after staying a while there for just a little break!

Appointment and Enquiry

8:30 a.m. – 5:00p.m. (Mon and Tue, Thurs and Friday)
9:00a.m – 4:30p.m. (Wed)
#Remarks: If necessary, our counselors can arrange appointments outside office hours upon special requests.

Mr.Dai Hon Man, Dacon (Counselor)

Tel: 2636-7174 Email:  
Address: Room 614, 6th Floor, the Academic Block

Ms.To Suk Wai, Joanne (Counselor)

Tel: 2252-9593 Email: 
Address: Room 612, 6th Floor, the Academic Block

Services Rendered Agency: Stewards Ltd webpage:

The counseling service is free of charge. Enquiries and advance bookings are welcome.