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Useful Forms

Venue/ Banner Space / Walkie-Talkie Booking Form

 Facilities Booking Application Form (For Department Use Only) (SAO_PE_Form 1)

 Application Form for Banner Space (by Student Organisation) (SAO_SDCL_Form 1)
 Application Form for use of Venue / Facility / Equipment by Student Organisations (SAO_SDCL_Form 2)

 Application Form for Booth and Display board for student organisations (SAO_SDCL_Form 3)

 Application for use of Walkie-talkie (SAO_SDCL_Form 4)

ECA/ PA/ CS Hours Certification

 Certification of Extracurricular Activities (SAO/SFR/Form 1) 

 Certification of Physical Activities (SAO/SFR/Form 2)

 Certification of Community Service (SAO/SFO/Form 3)

 Application for Extra-curricular Activities (ECA), Physical Activities (PA) and Community Service (CS) Hours by Programme/Department/Center


 Application Form for Exemption of Minimum Wage (SAO/CPD/Form 3)

Student Campus Work Scheme (SCWS) 

 Student Application Form (SAO_CPD_Form 2)

 Recruitment Form - with work flow (SAO_CPD_Form 1) (For Department Use Only) 

HSMC Emergency Grant

 Application for HSMC Emergency Grant_2017-18 (SAO_SFR_Form 4)

Bursary Schemes

Online Application Form - HSMC Bursary Scheme

STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS Bank Account information

 Record of Bank Information

Reimbursement of Language Test Fee

 Record_of_Bank_Information_For_Reimbursement_of_Language_Test_Fee (SAO_SFR_Form 5)